Najiskreniji stihovi novog Gwen Stefani albuma TIWTFL
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Najiskreniji stihovi novog Gwen Stefani albuma

Po mišljenju Billborda

Deset godina smo čekali novi studijski album Gwen Stefani. Nakon razvoda i smuvanja sa takođe sveže razvedenom kantri zvezdom, stigao je This Is What Truth Feels Like. Tema je malo bivši muž, malo Blake Shelton... a neko je za Billboard preslušao album i izdvojio neke zanimljive lirikse. 


1. "Misery"
"You’re like drugs to me…Enough, enough of this suffering / Hurry up come save me / Put me out of my misery"
2. "Where Would I Be?"
"I was driftin' out, then you pulled me in/ lightning on my skin/ ... Where would I be, boy, if you didn't love me, boy? ... I can't resist / You got the perfect kiss"
3. "Make Me Like You"
"I was fine before I met you/ I was broken but fine/ I was lost and uncertain/ But my heart was still mine/ I was free before I met you/ I was broken but free/ All alone in the clear view, but now you are all I see"
4. "Truth"
"They're all gonna say I'm rebounding, so rebound all over me / 'Cause I don't want nobody else / I know we said we're gonna live in the moment, and that's all good, that's what we agreed, I know it / And every day I believe in you and me more and more ... Thank you for saving me."
5.  "Used to Love You"
Suitcase, Band-Aids/ Pulling back out the driveway/ You go, I'll stay/ You can keep all the memories/ I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you/ I thought you loved me the most
6. "Send Me A Picture"
“Are you all alone? Baby whatcha wearing?/ Send a little something I could stare at”
7. "Asking 4 It"
"You're givin' me truth, and it's such an unfamiliar subject, so could you answer me please / Are you sure you wanna love me? ... I know that it's a lot to handle me, but it is what it is / It's all part of my broken history."
8. "Naughty"
Thinking that nobody, nobody knows/ But I got your number, I got your codes/ This ain't the first time at the rodeo, hello/ You're sliding, you slide on a slippery slope/ Karma police, I'm on patrol
9. "Me Without You"
"You faded so fast, I can hardly see you when I look back. Now I’m me without you/ and things about to get real good"
10. "Rare"
"You're a sapphire, you're a rolling stone, you're a sparkle in a deep, black hole you’re like moonshine when the curtains close And I can't believe it, that you even exist ... You're rare, and I'm loving every second of it, don't you know / You're rare, and only a stupid girl would let it go / You're so good, and you don't even know it"